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We were reminded about this philosophy when we visited Hartford House in the Midlands.

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The magic descended upon us as soon as we arrived at the ancient Pine tree lined entrance. For weeks I had been dreaming of our great adventure. And then when we set foot in our very own lakeside suite, I had to take a step back and breath deep. The heavens opened as soon as we entered our private stone castle, nestled at the lake's edge.

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Thunder and lighting exploded as if in slow motion, it took us a while to absorb the fact that this was real and that we hadn't imagined this somewhere in the wildly imaginative corners of our childhood daydreams. Within moments we had the log fire blazing, a delectable red wine from the mini bar poured out and we gazed into the thick mist that drifted over the steaming lake, right outside our window. At dinner that evening we were totally bowled over by the exquisite five-course dinner prepared by Chef Travis, paired with magnificent wines and presented in the lap of luxury that is Hartford House.

We fell in love.

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The next morning was a beautiful crisp blue sky with the rich green lawns beckoning to our adventurous spirit. At Hartford House we discovered that in this reality there is a certain element of freedom that goes hand in hand with living in such a rich historical site. The first settlers to the area were the Zulus. An Inguni tribe came down from the middle of Africa and arrived in this area between and The first white settlers in this area arrived here in the early 's and the first settlers on this property were the Moors who came here in They started building here in and took two years to complete the building and 10 years more to stone clad it.

Zulu's that worked the stone only had blocks and chisels to work with; all this stonework is a wonderful memorial to the talents of the Zulus. The Moors initiated a custom of giving to each other a piece of garden ornamentation or statuary on wedding anniversaries. The pond, the gazebo at the pool area, the pergola and the fountain were all wedding anniversary's gifts given by the Moors.


There have only been three families who occupied Hartford House and the families have carried on these traditions over the years. Puppy chow is a sweet and salty American snack that leaves both kids and adults delightfully satisfied. The first time a person sees puppy chow, there are inevitable looks of disgust and confusion.

Fortunately, it is far from that. There are stories that a visit by the king of France inspired the creation of the light dessert, and it was an instant hit that traveled to Versailles and was dispersed among royal courts.

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This name is about as deceptive as they come. A Jerusalem artichoke is neither from Jerusalem nor an artichoke.

You may have heard it referred to as a tuber, a root that grows wild along the Eastern seaboard from Georgia to Nova Scotia. He thought they were so wonderful, he started to ship them back to France.

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Jerusalem artichokes were soon brought to Italy, and here is where the investigation gets murky. Buckwheat is not a wheat, plain and simple. And while it is often considered a cereal grain, it is a closer relative to the common weed or the grass in your lawn. Buckwheat is a fruit seed from the same family as rhubarb or sorrel, and it is a common substitute for rice.

The naming of buckwheat is a classic lesson in not judging a book by its cover. Eggs do not grow in soil, and eggplant shares neither the texture nor the color of an egg, let alone its size.

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So where did the eggplant get its name? White eggplants are still available, but difficult to find. There was never a time when horses ate the spicy radish. Talk about misleading.

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Water chestnuts are not nuts in any shape or form. This is a vegetable that grows in marshlands and is indigenous to Southeast Asia. And although the name belies itself, it is true to its form. The outside of water chestnuts is brown and round; it can be easily mistaken for the beloved chestnut that is roasted over the fire. Corned beef is salt-cured beef, served in slices of medium thickness.